Full Cast of Gentleman`s Agreement

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The 1947 film “Gentleman`s Agreement” is a classic Hollywood drama that tackled the issue of anti-Semitism head on. Directed by Elia Kazan and starring Gregory Peck, the movie won three Academy Awards and is still revered for its powerful message.

One of the key elements of the film was the exceptional ensemble cast that brought the story to life. Here is a look at the full cast of “Gentleman`s Agreement” and the roles they played:

Gregory Peck as Phillip Schuyler Green: Peck played the lead role of a journalist who poses as a Jew to expose the prejudices of his colleagues and acquaintances. His performance earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Dorothy McGuire as Kathy Lacey: McGuire played Green`s love interest and a divorced mother who comes to understand the severity of anti-Semitism through her relationship with him.

John Garfield as Dave Goldman: Garfield played a Jewish war veteran and writer who becomes Green`s friend and confidant, offering insights into the Jewish experience in America.

Celeste Holm as Anne Dettrey: Holm played a magazine editor and Green`s closest confidant who supports him throughout his investigation.

Anne Revere as Mrs. Green: Revere played Green`s mother, who struggles to understand her son`s crusade against anti-Semitism but ultimately comes to support him.

Dean Stockwell as Tommy Green: Stockwell played Green`s young son who grapples with the idea of prejudice and discrimination and ultimately realizes the importance of standing up against it.

Sam Jaffe as Professor Fred Lieberman: Jaffe played a Jewish intellectual who offers Green a perspective on the long history of anti-Semitism in America and the world.

June Havoc as Elaine Wales: Havoc played a socialite who initially befriends Green but later reveals her true anti-Semitic beliefs.

Albert Dekker as John Minify: Dekker played a magazine publisher who supports Green`s investigation but is ultimately revealed to be a hypocrite.

Jane Wyatt as Jane Barclay: Wyatt played a socialite who offers Green insight into the subtle ways that anti-Semitism can manifest in everyday life.

In addition to these talented actors, the film also featured several powerful performances from supporting cast members. Together, the ensemble cast of “Gentleman`s Agreement” brought a compelling story to life and left a lasting impact on audiences for generations to come.

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